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The evolution of bitcoins supply is hard coded and is known to everyone, so it all.One of these is the continuing wrangling within the bitcoin community on the solution to the block size scaling problem.Here, I would like to summarize some of the key points I feel are important to know about when it comes to the developments in the crypto currency world.

The reward for mining Bitcoin is expected to see the second halving in its history later this year, potentially in June or July.

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The differences on whether to implement BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) 100, 101 or 102 are still too sharp.And while wide adoption of Bitcoin as a payment platform is happening at.No matter what you want to do, read up on Bitcoin to understand the fundamentals.As we cross over to 2016, Bitcoin miners are receiving 25 bitcoins after every 10 minutes.

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Therefore, taking into consideration the block reward halving, positive coverage from mainstream media, interest of major companies in the blockchain and everything else, 2016 might turn out to be the golden year for Bitcoin.

Of course, the media is shifting its focus away from Bitcoin to the Blockchain.

This uncertainty puts a downward pressure on price because less people want to buy.With the bitcoin price dropping by quite a margin for no apparent reason.That does not prove the same pattern will repeat in the future but it does increase the likelihood of it happening again. The price.However, a set of global events began a downward trend with the price.These alt coins have increased 10x or more in their price in the recent months because of speculation and in hopes that they may displace Bitcoin as the number one crypto currency.

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It allows smart contracts on top of Bitcoin as a second layer.This article compiles views of different industry experts and entrepreneurs and puts forth a prediction for the bitcoin price in 2016.And that will be evident through its price at the market place.As any freely traded asset, Bitcoin price depends solely on demand and supply.

Bitcoins value relies purely on the belief of the people who buy and sell it.They think it is a good time to buy, because there is proverbial blood on the street.

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If you are older, you may want to risk less just to diversify savings.

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Smart money buys when people are disillusioned, and sell when they are euphoric.Nevertheless, having the latter in a positive limelight does give Bitcoin a lot of credibility.

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On 3 March 2017, the price of a bitcoin surpassed the market value of an ounce of gold for the first time as its price surged to an all-time high.The more alts are growing, the more investors expect all those funds to eventually and at least partially flow back to Bitcoin.Daniel Roberts. Nearly 99% of all global bitcoin trading activity happening right now is happening in...

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While it seems a lot of ground has been covered after the Hong Kong Scaling Bitcoin conference early in December, the debate is still toxic.

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All these services need Bitcoin as a vehicle, thus investors expect the demand for the tokens to increase in the future to satisfy business needs.At about this time, the cryptocurrency was receiving negative coverage from mainstreaming media, especially in relation to the Silk Road case, which was ongoing.Eventually the network reached a level of saturation where having a phone was not an option, but a necessity for any family and business.

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